21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Part 1

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I just finished reading the book – 21 Lessons for the 21stCentury by Yuval Noah Harari. Yuval is my favorite author, he has written three books: Sapiens, Homo Deus21 Lessons for the 21st Century. The writing style of Yuval is very descriptive, scientific and information. He does a lot of research on each topic, he writes. Everyone must read his books, to learn how the humankind and other species evolved, how the future will be and how the present is going on.

Fools say they learn by experience, I prefer to profit by other people’s experience

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As we grow in life, we learn new things every day and it is important to learn new thing, as there is only one thing that is constant, and that thing is the change. So, the change is the only constant thing in the world. Whatever happen, the world will keep changing, it will never stop for anyone. So, to survive in this continuously changing world, you need to keep learning new things. Continue reading “Fools say they learn by experience, I prefer to profit by other people’s experience”

No problem so bad that we can’t make it worse

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Think what the scariest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

That’s how retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield opened his TED 2014 talk in Vancouver on Monday evening before describing what’s it’s like to blast into space.

“There is no problem so bad you can’t make it worse” Hadfield said

During liftoff, Hadfield said, “you are in the grip of something vastly more powerful than yourself.” He added: “It feels like being in the jaws of an enormous dog and foot in your back pushing you into space.

How do you deal with the very real risk and danger? “Having the goal in mind directed me to thinking about all of the small details.” 

Its a lesson for us, and guide us how we can deal with the real risk and danger in our life. Always have a goal in mind and act accordingly and in the direction of your goal. I think a //TODO checklist will help us to work in the direction of our goals. We must prepare our weekly, monthly, yearly and long time goals and prepare the everyday //TODO checklist in the direction of our goals.

When dealing with such complicated machinery, the only thing you can do is prepare. 

In his TED talk, the astronaut advised us on with many life lessons, like always prepare yourself for the dangers, risks, so at the time of adversity you can fight against it.

Chris Hadfield is the author of “An Astronaut’s Guide To Life on Earth” the star astronaut reveals more about astronaut training, spacewalks, and preparing for disasters.

You can watch the TED talk via the below video:

I do investment in stock market, and what i can relate here is the everyday volatility of the market. If you are a long term investor then stop looking at your stock price and performance daily. It will make the problem worse.

The daily market already too much volatile and on top of it, if you look the fluctuation in your holdings, it will force you to make more decisions of buying or selling. And at the end, you will end up with the loss only. So stop looking the holdings and the performance on daily basis.

The same is true to the major decisions of your life. Things will take time to reflect. So, just do right things at the right time and patiently wait the right outcome to come but remember, change your process of decision making and decisions when the facts change. You can read more about it here.

You can find the similar things in your family life, there are some quarrels in family and via reacting to that in wrong way, you are just increasing the problem not solving it. What you just need is, let the moment pass, be calm, be patient, you get the reward,let the bad moments go.

Remaining cool-headed in times of crisis and adversity is one of the most critical skills. The worst that can happen is not the event itself but the event and you losing your cool.

Chris Hadfield, the astronaut, reminds us that there is “no problem so bad that we can’t make it worse” and panicking is the best way to do that. Resolve, like John Adams did in a 1776 letter to his wife, that “the Panic may seize whom it will, it shall not seize me.” You can buy the collection of all letters here.

Keep reading, keep learning

Death smiles at every man, and all a man can do is smile back

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There is a line in the movie gladiator – now improperly attributed to the real life Marcus Aurelius in countless memes—

“death smiles at every man, and all a man can do is smile back.”

there is only one ultimate truth in this world and that is death. it will happen one day. whoever get birth, must die one day.

every religion has different explanation for death. like Hindu dharma says, that we just possess the body, but the soul is eternal, it will neither get birth nor die. it just changes the body like we change clothes. so, we should not worry about death, we just have to focus on our karma, we should just enjoy the journey between birth and death. this life is given to us just to enjoy the time on this planet with the given body and do right karma.
the writer of the bestselling book the outsider, Wolfgang Borchert writes a very interesting fact about death:

a man dies … only a few circles in the water prove that he was ever there. and even they quickly disappear. and when they’re gone, he’s forgotten, without a trace, as if he’d never even existed. and that’s all.

you can test, recall you grandfather, then your grandfather’s grandfather, i think you don’t remember if you are not from any kingdom family or not from any celebrity family.
on this earth, out existence is only till we are alive, if we are a normal person, not any celebrity in any region. then why to think about other, about what other will say or think about your action or inaction.
William Shakespeare, the re-known poet, playwright and actor wrote about death: 

cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once.

it’s true, we afraid of doing many things in our life that we want to do. one aspect of it is, we are sacrificing the desires that we want, for the sake of avoiding the problems in the future. in one way we are killing our actual desires and without desires we are not more than a dead person. the courageous person does what he wants to do, he faces problems and solve them and enjoy the life and then at the end like everyone he dies but he doesn’t have any desires left, that he regret. to explain the above argument, read the below quote, it will help to clarify the fear of death resides in us:

death is nothing; but we fear, to be we know not what, we know not where.  –John Dryden

the best lines, on life and death is by the poet Bhartrhari in “against the desire of worldly things“:

morn after morn dispels the dark, bearing our lives away; absorbed in cares we fail to mark how swift our years decay; some maddening draught hath drugged our souls, in love with vital breath, which still the same sad chart unrolls, birth, eld, disease, and death.


god satisfies the snake with air, grass to the cows is food and bed, man’s nobler soul is clogged with care, struggling to gain his daily bread.


i have not wasted life, but life hath wasted me, i have not chosen pain, but pain hath been my lot, some men make time their fool, but here time’s fool you see, i’ve long been dead to joy but passion dieth not.


insults i’ve borne, but not with patient mind, pleasures forborne, to which my heart inclined; put up with hunger, nakedness, and cold, not for the love of god, but love of god; thought much on wealth, but not on siva’s feet, and broke my slumbers not to pray, but cheat; i’ve lived a hermit’s life without his creed, made earth a hell, but gained no heavenly meed.


wrinkles deform my face, and hoary hairs my head, withered my youthful grace, but avarice blooms instead. the joys of sense will vanish soon, what do we gain thereby? those only store up merit who in all themselves deny; when pleasures flee, they leave behind a never-ending smart, but he who hurls them from him fills with heavenly peace his heart. as knowledge grows, content expands, and fell desire abates; but worldly joys, if long embraced, a baneful influence gain; thus indra, like a mortal king, hopes, trembles, loves, and hates, from having held through endless years an undisputed reign.

the above poem is full of wisdom on life and death. 
death is the natural part of your life, so instead of getting afraid from death, embrace it and enjoy the life. do the things that you really want to do. keep learning, keep exploring, keep experiencing the life, keep reading and keep writing.

It’s important to slow down

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We live in a fast running world now and at the same time One rat of this rat race. We are just a victim of the corporate conspiracy of financial and luxurious instruments like EMI, Credit card, Loans, luxuries, junk food habits, mobiles, gadgets, TVs……

In the race to get more, we are leaving behind the enjoy of less, joy of slow walking in life. Like we are not celebrating the life itself, we are just running from morning to evening for others (Manager, Company, Financial brokers, Banks….). 

It’s important to slow down. When I look around, I see people living their lives always running behind time. I see parents who, in the race to move ahead in their careers, have left their children’s childhood behind. I also find people who have ruined their relationships because they were chasing “something” in the future while not having time to live and love people around them in the present.

Rushing is rarely worth it. Your life is too short to be wasted in the fast lane. Life is better enjoyed at a leisurely pace.

At this point of my life,i also the part of this rat race and wasting most of the time of my life in this race. Looking a chance to get out of the race. But in this tight schedule as well, i find some time for myself, for my kid and my family.

I love reading books, so i find time to read more and more and love sharing my learning on this blog. I don’t understand, why people want to move faster in the life, one day life will end and at the end, when you see behind, you find only the long hours of work, no enjoyment. Your kids will be young, no childhood. You are old, no young energy. Slow down, let others run, you just slow down and enjoy the moments in your way. Let others make more money, buy cars etc. You also do but with patience, with joy of the life.

In everything we do, we want to be quicker, more efficient and more productive. This is really just to say that we want everything to be faster. Speed is rewarded in our society by career promotions, praise from peers, and even our own personal belief that we’re doing something well. In the long run, think is this all matter to you, when you are old, just your experience, your sweet memories matter the most.

And yet, despite all this rushing around, we don’t seem to be accomplishing anything extra. Instead, we expose ourselves to more tasks and ideas that we pay less attention to.

Rushing around, faster doesn’t help you do things better, it will make the things worst. If anything, it only increases your chances of being stressed and negatively affecting the people around you. It will ruin your personal life, your family life. What if you earn 10k, 20k, 30k less than anyone else but you are spending 1hr, 2hr, 3hr ,4hr extra daily with your loved once. In corporate world, people work for long hours to get the attention of their manager ad to get the best annual hike. How much does it matter, how does it matter, if your manager don’t pay attention to you, or you don’t get the best hike but the second best or 5th best. Bro, Your manager has his own bosses to make happy, he has his own job i hand to deliver, he just there to make you to work,so don’t just work, to make anyone happy. Work only to make yourself happy. Rest of the world does not matter. Remember, You can not make everyone happy, so reduce your focus to really important people in your life (Your family, real friends, parents…)

When you stop rushing and slow down, you enjoy life more. Things are more interesting. You worry less. You care for others more. You make fewer mistakes because you’re more focused.

To solve this rushing problem, you just change your habits from mobile, TV, Computers to reading more books.