We need to accept “reality on reality’s terms”

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Many people live their life in day dreaming kind of shaikh chilli stories that we used to read or heard in our childhood. They think, that whatever they want in life, it will come easily to them. They think that someone, from somewhere come and give it all them. They don’t want to give any effort to anything. We call this kind of people, Lazy people. They just ignore the reality and only believe in stories. We need to accept the reality in its true face. We can not escape from it. Continue reading “We need to accept “reality on reality’s terms””

Everything is Here and Now

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This post is inspired by the book – The inner engineering by Sadguru. Sadguru shows us the importance of the present, the value of present. You are living in the present, in the now, in this moment, neither in past nor in future. You don’t know what the future is bringing for you, you just worry for the future.

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