Don’t judge my choices without understanding my reasons

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People normally judge others without knowing the reasons behind their actions. Why? It’s normal mentality of human being to judge others and make their opinions about them. Because it is easy to comment on others, what it will take to make a comment about or on others…..nothing right!

But, we must be cautious before making any opinion or comment about others, that’s not in our boundary. That is the boundary of that other person, individually. It is his right to make his own decisions or choices based on his will. Who the hell you are to make any opinion or comment on the other person’s action or choices.

We must come out of this narrow mentality behavior of ours. We must be live freely and let other also live their life freely. Every individual have his own reasons behind his action or inaction. So, don’t judge him before knowing his reasons.

We all live in a society that has become very judgmental. Everyone seems to think that what everyone else is doing is somehow their business as well, and wants to know what everyone else is doing, comment on the situation, and judge their actions. We think that it is our right to know what other’s are doing and we have a right to make comment on that. This society seems almost obsessed with how other people live their lives. In fact, they seem to spend much more time critiquing other people’s lives than they do improving their own life. People forgetting their personal life and wasting a lot of time in observing other people life and interfering in their life.

We have a very limited asset – TIME on this planet earth. So, instead of worrying about the choices that other people make, focus on your own choices, your own actions, your own life. Spend your time making your life the best that it can be (Example- Reading good books, writing good stuff, travelling the world, meeting good people) instead of spending your time gossiping and tearing down others. Live YOUR life, not everyone else’s life. Stop being externally judgmental and start being internally aware of your own life. Before knowing other, we must know our-self. Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time left to judge the actions of others. I don’t have time to waste on other people, i am too much busy in my life, in my stuff, and it should be like this only. Consume all the limited time you have. Don’t waste it.

Stop judging other’s, that’s not your job!

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One Solution for all life problems

Reading Time: < 1 minuteBlaise Pascal said on problem of humanity

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

True, right! but the above quote have a meaning. The meaning is instead of doing wrong or useless things, we must sit quite. Like quite on thinking for others, quite on bad habits etc….in short, we must focus on our business.

Swami Ram Baba, the mentor of P P Chhabria, The owner of Finolex group, have a solution for all the humanity problems. The solution is mentioned by Mr P P Chhabria in the book : There’s No Such Thing as a Self-Made Man.

The solution is – Work!

If you are poorwork!
If you are rich – continue working!
If you are burdened, with seemingly unfair responsibilitieswork!
If you are happy – well, just continue to work!
Idleness gives room for doubt and fear.
If disappointment comes, please just work!
If your health is threatenedwork!
When your faith and hope falters – work!
When your dreams are shattered, and your hope seems dead – work!
Work, as if your life was in peril.
The truth is, your life really is in peril. So, work!
No matter what ails you – work!
Continue to workfaithfully, dedicatedly, and devotedly.
Work with love, faith, and patience.
Work is the greatest remedy.
For every mental and physical affliction!

In short, whatever life offers you, you must keep doing the work. That will remove most of the unnecessary problems from your life.

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Take a note – My Note taking system

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Many readers face problem of recalling what they have read. To solve this problem, we take notes while reading. I take notes on the margin of the page while reading any book. Today, i will share my note taking system with the reader of the blog.

How to take notes while reading a Book?

You have to make your own condensed notes. You learn from MAKING them. A lot of thinking goes into deciding what to include and exclude. You develop your own system of abbreviations and memory methods for the information.

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Reading books is an active process, not a passive process. It requires your energy and mind. While reading any good book, you get new thoughts, you acquire new wisdom. You are in an active argument with the author of the book. You need to understand the point of the author and come up with your own thought as well. This is only the right way of reading and learning form the books. While reading any book, we need to write in the book and make the notes from the book. Now the question is, how to take notes while reading a book?

There are many ways to make notes while reading a book. I will share my way to make notes while reading the book.

My system of taking notes:

  • Before starting the book, write on the first page of the book. What you want to learn from the book, i.e what’s your agenda by reading this book.
  • Before starting the new chapter, write in the start of the chapter, whats your expectation from the chapter. Then at the end of the chapter, analyse your expectation and what actually you accomplished with the chapter. What are the questions answered by the chapter. And what are the new questions or thoughts raised by the chapter in your mind. Then make a note of this thoughts. You will get the answer either in the current book or in your next read(Book). One more point, all the notes should be in your own language. This should not be the copy and paste of the writer’s words or thoughts.
  • At this point you have the chapter’s summary in short, the author’s teachings and your own learning and questions. Now find some scenario in the real world or in your past readings or past experience. And look where you can apply the newly learned knowledge. This is the way of actual learning and wisdom. It will help you to enhance your wisdom. Repeat the same process with all the chapters of the book.
  • Once the book finished. Check the first page. And read your expectations from the book that you have written before starting the book. Then analyse what expectations are fulfilled, what questions are answered? And what questions are not answered yet? Then at the end, write the expectation’s response and answer’s received for your questions. And new questions raised or thoughts learned form the book.
  • Now,read all the notes taken once and keep the book for some time(One week, two week or one month). And start reading some other books.
  • Next, after one or two or three weeks, pick the book again and read the notes taken by you. Now, analyse, still you have the same though or questions or some of your views got changed. Some of your unanswered questions answered. At this time, you are not the same person as you were before starting that book(First one). Your thought is not the same as when you first time read the book. You have achieved new wisdom and new knowledge during the book’s ageing time.
  • Now, in the second reading of the notes, most of your notes looks like a garbage now. So write the important notes and learning on the end cover or on a paper with book’s page number. This is the actual notes and your learning from the book.

The above process looks difficult, but in some time of practice, you will be addicted to it and it will be simple for you.

The more you look, The more you see

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It’s simple sentence right, The more you look, the more you see but with a deep meaning. Or i can write like the more you look at something, the more stuff you notice about it, the more observations you make, the more opinions you have right! Isn’t it?

Let’s look at “Where’s Waldo?” picture –

When you see first time the above picture, all you see is a crazy mess. Stare at it a little longer, and you’ll start noticing things, like the frog, toad thing that’s riding on the ox’s back. Or the happy waving robots next to the umbrella. Or what looks like a guy in a tomato costume. But still no Waldo…where is the Waldo in the picture?

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How to increase Productivity…?

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Are you looking for the answer of the question : How to increase your productivity? Then, here we are with some brilliant advises from brilliant advisers of the world. Let’s start one by one and get the wisdom from them on productivity.

First Advise –

The first advise we will take from Casey Neistat, popular YouTube filmmaker and artist. I picked up the advise of keeping a small journal that I write in everyday: thoughts, reminders, notes, lessons, life. I maintain my journal, in which i write my thoughts. It helped me a lot to clear my thoughts and provide me direction in my life.

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